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2700 Safety Valve

The Consolidated Type 2700 safety valve thermodisc seat design provides seat tightness and the thermodisc design increases the amount of repeatable pops.


Thermodisc thin flexible design for repeatable seat tightness.


The Consolidated 2700 series safety valves are designed to meet the requirements of the cogeneration and waste-to-energy markets. Inlet pressure ratings from ASME 600 class thru ASME 1500 class.

Inlet Sizes:

1 1/2″ through 6″

Inlet Ratings:

ANSI Class 600, 900 and 1500

Outlet Sizes:

3″ through 8″

Outlet Ratings:

ANSI Class 150 and 300

Orifice Sizes:

Seven sizes – 1 through Q

Set Pressure Range:

100 psig to 1600 psig

Temperature Range:

Up to 1050°F


Alloy and carbon steel cast body with stainless steel trim

Standards and Regulations:

ASME B & PVC, Section 1 & VIII