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1900/P Safety Valve, Highly Adaptable

Consolidated 1900/P Series Safety Valve with Eductor Tube Advantage

Consolidated 1900/P Series Safety Valve: The Eductor Tube Advantage Safety Valve is Designed to be highly adaptable to meet numerous application requirements.

The Consolidated 1900/P Series Safety Valves are designed for ASME B and PVC, Section I Steam Economizer applications, and organic vapor service applications only. Standard in all three types, the Thermodisc Seat feature of these valves provides a high degree of seat tightness for steam service or organic fluid applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost of ownership – Heavy-duty construction provides longer valve service life, reduced maintenance costs, and easy valve conversions.
  • Simplified conversion – Design flexibility and parts interchangeability accommodate process changes by simplifying conversion to a variety of designs.
  • Improved leak protection and safety – A soft seat design feature helps keep the valve leak-free at 95 percent of set pressure over 100 PSIG., while a backup metal seat provides additional safety.
  • Enhanced seat tightness – The patented Thermodisc™ Seat (standard on the 1900/P1 and 1900/P3 Series valves) delivers enhanced seat tightness.
  • Compliance to the latest edition of API Standard 526 When required for replacement, Consolidated 1900/P Series valves are also available with connections and dimensions in accordance with supplanted API Standard Third edition 1984 and prior editions.


  • ANSI Classes 150 to 2500
  • Inlet sizes 1″ to 8″
  • Outlet sizes 2″ to 10″
  • Orifice sizes D to T
  • Available in stainless steel